What Our Students Say About SII Faith School 

Chaplain L. Adderly 

"Gathering my thoughts. First It will be a school of Excellence. Your teaching as Jesus taught. Jesus taught us how to pray. Go ye therefore and teach All Nations Baptizing them in the Name of The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Breaking fear off of us. Teaching us How to be bold for Christ. I believe it's going to be incredibly successful for the Lord's Kingdom. Increase in us Wisdom and knowledge and understanding. It is perfecting us as well. We are held accountable for one and other. It brings Unity, Prayer, and Hope. It also births Ministries and Opens up unexpected doors because we choose to go to the byway to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is humbling, very humbling. I applaud you. Keep going.." Chaplain L Adderley

Chaplain S. Burgess 

"The class was very informative It Explains the role of Chaplains the Dos and don'ts. We learned Chaplains must have to Be saved, have a humble spirit a willingness to pray for souls in need of prayer. These are some of the things you taught. We also got instruction on going on assignment in twos is recommended."  Chaplain S Burgess

Dr. Darlene Simons

"I thought the class was very informative and allowed for questions to be asked and answered." Dr. Darlene Simons

Chaplain Crystal Anderson

My thoughts on Introduction to Chaplaincy class. The Class is an anointed, very thorough, grass rooted, knowledgeable and awareness class that leaves you fully equipped to do the Work and Service of a Chaplain to the world - For Christ. By Chaplin Crystal Anderson

Chaplain Marionette Zuill

"It gave good insight and explained further what is expected."  Chaplain Marionette Zuill