He was a mighty man of valor because he feared the Lord in all he did as a son, brother, husband, father, friend, deacon, employee, boss, and servant of the Lord.


He was not trained by his natural father but trained by his heavenly father to be a mighty man of valor. He was known by many as a man of this world to which his favorite drink was black rum. He was a womanizer (he like to flirt with women and had many around him at one time).


But on that fateful day when he gave his life to God, Jesus came in and saved him, the Holy Spirit came in and converted, comforted and committed him to God the Father. He never drank another black rum neither did he have a desire for the liquor.


His desire for a woman had left and he began to seek after the kingdom of God and his righteousness in Christ thus he became a changed man by choosing Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord he received life and life more abundantly. He married my Mum and they produced me.



    Substance International Institute - Faith School is to prepare a people unto the Lord by thinking outside of the box by become perfected, edified and equipped with the Word of God as a spark in God’s hand to ignite a Nation movement that crosses all denominational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to reconciliation, discipleship, and godliness through preparation.


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