Dr. Althea Winifred, Ph.D.

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Althea (means to heal and rose of Sharon), Winifred. She is not just a woman on the move; but a Woman of God; called, dedicated and ordinate by God in my mother’s womb to be a Prophetess to the Nations.  Also, the Director and Founder of Ministries of Substance International (MOSI) and recently being given the responsibility to lead a group a people who are partners of Perfecting of the Saints International Fellowship, Inc (POTIF).  Mum to two children and Grand Mum to two grandchildren.  


A producer, editor, and writer of “In the Clefts of the Rock” ~ Prophetic Magazine, Hope is in the Bag devotional and a creative Hats Maker. Also, the author of the following books: The Righteous’ Promises, Healing Is Your Words, Who Is the She within You and Who Is the He within You Study Guides, But For A Moment ~ An Emotional Abuse Relationship and Birthing it Through Prayer. 


She firmly believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and stands on the Word of the Lord; knowing, that God is God whether the answer is Yes, No or Wait. She is committed to the message of exalting the Savior; to have the mission of equipping the Saints; the ministry of evangelizing the brokenhearted; and existing on the word of the God with the ultimate mandate is to prepare a people unto the Lord. 

Letter from Our Dean

Welcome to Substance International Institute Faith School!

Thank you for your interest in Substance International Institute! Throughout this website, we believe in our students becoming educated on their journey to being empowered, equipped and edified to achieve a Biblical Education for God's Assignment!. Our aim is to work with you as our student to reach your personal and spiritual study goals through a variety of programs.


All of our educational programs have one common theme - to exalt Jesus and to present God's truth and allowing the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom, knowledge, discernment and understand to achieve to your assignments from God.


Join the many others from around the world who have taken the steps to enrich their lives and ministry. Our staff are prepared and committed to helping you on the journey as you reach for your goals.


May God enrich, empower, and encourage your life, help you to bloom, flow and grow in Jesus, and bless you as you train for service in His Kingdom.


Once again, welcome to Substance International Institute - Faith School!


Under His Wing & In His Service,

Dr. Althea Winifred, Ph.D.


Substance International Institute - Faith School is to prepare a people unto the Lord by thinking outside of the box by become perfected, edified and equipped with the Word of God as a spark in God’s hand to ignite a Nation movement that crosses all denominational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to reconciliation, discipleship, and godliness through preparation.


​​Mailing Address: P. O. Box 584, Covington, GA 30014

Contact Number: 770-568-1626

Email: substanceinstitute@gmail.com

Website:  www.siifaithschool.org

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