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The Prophetic Ministry is an end-time prophetic school, teaching one primary focus: to develop and train students who desire to be all that our Lord God Almighty has purposed for them, to be in His power and under His authority. A time of a prophetic flow in the spirit and many believers are spiritually unaware of what is happening. Many have a prophetic calling on their lives and are chosen but lack knowledge. These called, chosen and ordinate people wander from church to church confused, frustrated and discouraged looking for "purpose" that they cannot define. They lack direction in how to go forth into their world to do the Lord's works. The Prophetic Ministry course defines "purpose" in opening the Scriptures for our students so that they will understand the prophetic times and know what to do. The Prophetic Ministry purpose and gifting are important for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry and for the edifying of the body of Christ.

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Substance International Institute - Faith School is to prepare a people unto the Lord by thinking outside of the box by become perfected, edified and equipped with the Word of God as a spark in God’s hand to ignite a Nation movement that crosses all denominational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to reconciliation, discipleship, and godliness through preparation.


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