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SII - Faith School - Diploma consist of The 10 Doctrine of the Bible

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You will learn about the following Doctrines:

God (Nature & Attributes)
Jesus (Person & Work)
Holy Spirit (Personality, Deity, Names & Work)
Scriptures (Names & Titles)
Angels (Existence, Nature, The Fall, & Work)
The Church (Founding, Membership, Ordinance, & Vocation)
Man (Creation, Original, Condition & The Fall)
Satan (Existence, Personality, Attitude, Place, Power, Character, & Destiny)
Salvation (Repentance, Prayer, Faith, Regeneration, Justification, Adoption, & Sanctification)
The Last Things (Second coming, Resurrection, Judgment, & Final Destiny)

Complete 30 hours (10) Classes and receive SII Diploma.
Cost: $500.00 (10 Classes of Doctrines)
Registration: $25.00 (One-time Registration fee)
Discounts: Available
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Substance International Institute - Faith School is to prepare a people unto the Lord by thinking outside of the box by become perfected, edified and equipped with the Word of God as a spark in God’s hand to ignite a Nation movement that crosses all denominational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to reconciliation, discipleship, and godliness through preparation.


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